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Tramps Fashion

Archived 2015 Post: Janna Carruthers  (November 20, 2015) Follow the link below to read a great review on Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery® from Luxury Travel Diary and your chance to bid on 2 pairs of our hose!

TRAMPS is Going to NYFW for Plus Night Out 2015!!

Tramps Fashion

2015 Archived Post: Janna Carruthers NEW YORK, NY (Sep. 1, 2015). Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery® is a proud sponsor of the 2015 Plus Night Out event at New York Fashion Week, where the brand will unveil its new BRYANNA Large style. Tramps Hosiery is a new line of colorful, fashion-forward hose designed for active, modern women who want to look sexy and fashionable while getting great support and comfort. #PNO #PlusNightOut #TrampsHosiery  Plus Night Out features top plus-size models wearing the latest from the best Plus Size designers. Tramps BRYANNA Large, which fits up to size 18, will be part of...

A Customer TRAMPS loves!!

Tramps Fashion

2016 Archived Post: Linda Zively If y'all noticed my neon hose in my profile picture, I have neon pink, too. They are compression hose from Tramps, and they have literally changed my life, in a couple of ways. I wear them almost every day ( unless I'm basically in bed that day). They help with the pooling in my legs, thighs and lower abdomen so I can stand and walk longer. I have left my wheelchair more in the last 2 months than I have in 2 years. Plus, they make my legs feel great. The other benefit is I get...

I Thought I was too Young for Compression Hose

Tomas Reyes

2016 Archived Post: Tomas Reyes I thought I was too young for compression hose until I learned of their health benefits. Wearing compression hosiery was foreign to me at first. I thought I was too young for compression hose until I learned of their health benefits. I never imagined needing to wear compression stockings at my age.  I thought it would be years from now, when I’m near my “golden” years.  It wasn’t until I found myself -- a twenty-something, newlywed wife and nursing student – very, very pregnant.   I have continued working through my pregnancy and my 8-12 hours’ shift...

Our Emily Style Testimonial

Tramps Fashion

2016 Archived Post: Janna Carruthers If you are like me, the term “compression hose” brings to mind those unflattering tan-colored stockings worn by old, sick people with heart conditions.  I used to think that if you are young and healthy, why would you wear compression hose? My thinking changed, though, because in the early stages of my pregnancy, I was presented with the opportunity to try out the TRAMPS line of maternity compression hose. At the time, I did not know about the benefits of wearing compression hose during pregnancy, but I was intrigued by the fashionable colors and style...