2015 Archived Post: Michael David

New Year, New Line-Up

Our popular Bryanna style of fashion compression hosiery will soon be joined by two new styles in the TRAMPS line up, as well as a few great new pattern prints!  After an intensive production period where we set out to perfect the comfort and style of our product, we're excited to soon offer the Jocelynne style, a super-comfortable hip-hugger compression hose that shapes, lifts, and provides all the health benefits of our Bryanna style with a lower profile. 


Bryanna Gets a Little Wild

By popular demand, we're adding two new patterns to our Bryanna style!  Now you can get all the comfort and style of Bryanna and unleash your wild side at the same time.  We're excited to bring two cheetah patterns to the line-up, available late February, 2015.  

Finally, Something for Expecting Mothers

When you're expecting, you can usually expect to be uncomfortable, too. But now, with the TRAMPS Emily Style, coming Spring 2015, you can have your cake and eat it, too.  Our advanced design with an extra-elastic waistband allows you to experience compression comfort and style, even as your baby grows.  We're proud to be a part of your pregnancy, and excited to offer a product that will help you enjoy this beautiful season of your life! 


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