I Thought I was too Young for Compression Hose

2016 Archived Post: Tomas Reyes

I thought I was too young for compression hose until I learned of their health benefits. Wearing compression hosiery was foreign to me at first. I thought I was too young for compression hose until I learned of their health benefits.

I never imagined needing to wear compression stockings at my age.  I thought it would be years from now, when I’m near my “golden” years.  It wasn’t until I found myself -- a twenty-something, newlywed wife and nursing student – very, very pregnant.   I have continued working through my pregnancy and my 8-12 hours’ shift have been grueling and made even more uncomfortable by the growing baby in my belly.  Did you hear it’s a girl?  My husband and I are so excited!  We can’t wait to welcome our little girl.  

But, the extra weight has made my legs ache terribly and caused my feet to swell up like air filled balloons. This is when the idea of wearing compression hosiery became a must.   I’ll admit, I was terribly put off by the idea as my only reference to compression hosiery were the drab and bulky hose my grandmother used to wear.   I refused to consider the idea but my reality was I didn’t want varicose veins and I certainly didn’t want my future “self” to have these types of problems.  

That’s why I’m so grateful to have found Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery™.  They are not only well-made, in beautiful colors and patterns, they also protect my legs with medical grade compression, which helps with blood circulation and oxygen flow to the heart. And, compression hose are not just for older folks.  They provide health benefits to all people – young and old.

I love the Tramps Emily Maternity Style, which I’ve been wearing to work.  They are very comfortable made of a breathable fabric with a wide waistband that expands to hug my growing belly, and the open toe thong design, which I love because it allows my toes complete freedom and does not ride up my legs.   I wear them to work, or out to dinner or to a party, travel, exercise, or even around the house as leggings, that also provide health benefits.

With Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery, I found a perfect match of “NEED and WANT. Yes, I needed the hose, but I also WANTED fashionable colors and patterns that I can mix and match to create fabulous “looks.”  Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t be fashionable!

I received my Emily Maternity Style, in Neon Pink and Totally Black.  When they arrived I was more then pleased to find that they are thick/opaque enough to almost look like tights or leggings, which of course gives me lots of choices to pair with outfits:  Dresses, skirts, pants.  They enhance almost any look. 

Slipping into the hosiery took some getting used to, as I was almost certain they were not going to fit. The compression is very evident that it almost felt like I had bought a size too small.   I read the instructions on how to put them on, and guess what? …THEY FIT!!!!   The belly panel rolled smoothly around me and enveloped quite comfy and form-fitting.

Dare I say, SEXY?  Oh YES ladies you heard me, compression hosiery sort of suck everything in and make a girl feel fit and curvy.  Hey, I’m pregnant I’ll take all the help I can get.  They were very easy to wear throughout the day.  there was some tedious maneuvering when having to use the potty, but I eventually got used to it.  

The best part of the TRAMPS hosiery product is that they truly are fashionable. It was a matter of taking off the nursing scrubs and putting on a billowy dress and wedged heels to take them from hospital work to date night with my hubby.

At the end of the day, when I took them off I could feel the blood flow in my legs as what I could only describe as tingling comforting sensations.  It sounds strange, but you really actually, feel the difference in circulation function so that your legs feel a sense of relief.  

Honestly, though, it's rewarding to know that you are treating your body well and to know that I was making positive decisions for my health.

Will I continue wearing them after my pregnancy? YES!

Because I’ve fallen in LOVE with all the cute options TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery has to offer.   They are so fashionably appealing.    Besides, I already have outfits picked out for their non-pregnancy styles. This product is good for me and I care about my health and beauty.  The choice to be a healthy nurse in my “golden years” has to start now.

I’m thankful I don’t have to pick between being healthy and being fashionable.


Your “Emily” nurse

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