2014 Archived Post by Michael David

Many things make a great product.  Great materials, great design, and a great fit for women who need and want compression hose for style and circulation are where we started with our new TRAMPS line.  

But we know that great products deserve great packaging as well, and we're really excited about the packaging of our new Bryanna Style high-waisted hosiery.  But how are great packages made?  

Glad you asked!

First, our Texas-based design team designed the package style and cover art with oversight from our New York office.  Next, our production team in China tweaked the package for last-minute product changes and fitted the hosiery to fold into the package.  It was a truly international collaboration! 

Check out all our styles of TRAMPS hosiery, and experience the superior comfort of our fashionable compression hosiery! 

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