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2016 Archived Post: Linda Zively

If y'all noticed my neon hose in my profile picture, I have neon pink, too. They are compression hose from Tramps, and they have literally changed my life, in a couple of ways. I wear them almost every day ( unless I'm basically in bed that day). They help with the pooling in my legs, thighs and lower abdomen so I can stand and walk longer. I have left my wheelchair more in the last 2 months than I have in 2 years. Plus, they make my legs feel great.

The other benefit is I get dressed, but being "at home" for a while, my wardrobe was pj's or leggings. After some shopping, I have come up with some cute outfits and get dressed even if I'm not going anywhere! It's been a minute since I've done that. Up and dressed.
I emailed the company to let them know how much I loved them,  the designer contacted me, and after a few conversations, he said he researched Dysautonomia and sent me 2 pairs as a gift. I expected them to not even respond, but they obviously care about their product AND their customers. I am so grateful in so many ways.
I've never promoted anyone on here, ever, but I absolutely love Tramps. I personally wear the full hose, but they have knee-hi & thigh hi, as well, in some really cute prints. Also maternity in some cool colors. They are the best priced, believe me, I compared and researched for days.
They are worth every penny.

(shared with permission from our favorite customer!)

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