Our TRAMPS team is sharing a bit of information regarding what we have learned within our process.
We have a very good percentage of POTS patients in our customer base that might have difficulties putting on our medical grade compression stockings.  

When our styles were originally conceptualized, our original intent was to design it for everyone that stands and works prolonged shifts doing so.   We quickly learned that there are other demographics that have health afflictions and directly deal with its challenges while slipping into them. By default, compression hosiery is difficult to get into them..."There is a meme online that states "My superpowers is putting on compression stockings", Whats yours??

We have learned that there are people who have some challenges handling them because of the effects of POTS and other ailments on your joints and limbs.  We like and need to express that it takes special instructions to perform this task (PLEASE SEE OUR INSTRUCTION CARD IMAGE ATTACHED).   One of our added features or materials included within our shipping parcel is what we call our rack cards with instructions on how to handle putting compression stockings on to take you through the steps which takes much patience.
Wishing you wellness always.  
Best Regards,
TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery, LLC