TRAMPS Hosiery offers light to medium compression in a variety of trending colors and original patterns in three different styles. In addition, unlike any other product in the market, Tramps offers an open toe design for complete freedom in the foot, with a single toe thong to prevent sliding. Tramps Hosiery can be worn at work, play, exercise, travel and rest.

The team at TFCH aims to be the leader in style in the compression hosiery market with on-trend styles, colors and patterns as well as by engaging and benefitting the community. Stay fabulous while armoring yourself with TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery®.

Our introductory styles follow:

JOCELYNN- Hip-hugger style, vibrant colors, signature open-toe with reinforced thong, and fits a petite-small size.

BRYANNA- Comfort high-waist band, vibrant colors and patterns, signature open-toe with reinforced thong, size S/M. Stay tuned for the debut of our BRYANNA L/XL in October 2015!