What's in a Name?

Yes, you read our name correctly! Now that we have your attention, we invite you to get know us and become apart of our family. We make compression products. Because a tramp is a journey, and sometimes you need help along the way- and why not look good while doing it? Forget grandma's support hose and grandpa's old compression socks.

We are fashion.

We are movement.

We are Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery.

Finding Relief with Tramps

Beth Linn's Story

"Quality product that has plenty of great styles for everyone."

-Chase B.

"An excellent product that combines fashion and function! Highly recommended."

-Gabriel R.

"I absolutely LOVE the color selection!" 

-Lindsey B.

“Tramps was a purchase that changed mine and my family’s life...”

– Beth L.

Tramps Digital Gift Card

Looking for something for someone special? Give the gift of compression with a TRAMPS Digital Gift Card.